Mosel Textile Arts
About us

The idea for a textile art event in Nittel was born in 2018. At that time, the "Nitteler Fels Nature Reserve", which also includes our rock garden, was awarded to the "beacon of biodiversity". This was a good opportunity to build a new event format that didn't exist in the entire Moselle region. Nittel is the largest wine village at the Southern Wine Moselle. The village is a tourist attraction with its many wineries and its gastronomy but still not overcrowded.

The conditions were favourable. Our art director Aiga Praulina has been active as a textile artist for a long time and was looking for opportunities to exhibit her works and to invite other artists. Her works can be seen at

Johannes is a 'Culture and Wine Ambassador' and 'Nature Exploration Guide', manages the rock garden, and organizes events for tourists. His offers, and much about the rock garden can be viewed on the garden site

Together, they are responsible for the implementation of the Mosel Textile Arts and are looking forward to promoting art in the greater region.

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