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Dr. Johannes P. Orzechowski

Picture Credits

We usually use our own photos. Images for which we have permission to use, are provided with the appropriate source. We are entitled to use the logos displayed on our website.

Data Privacy Statement

With the following text, we would like to inform you about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data on our website. If you have additional questions about data protection in relation with our website, please contact:

taurenis touristic
Dr. Johannes P. Orzechowski
Schulstrasse 15
D-54453 Nittel
Phone: +49 6584 9927990

Data Collection and Logging

When you visit our website, you transmit data (due to technical necessity) via your Internet browser to our web server. The following data is recorded during a running communication between your Internet browser and our web server:

Date and time of request
Name of the requested file
Page from which the file was requested
Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
Web browser and operating system used
Complete IP address of the requesting computer
Amount of data transferred

For reasons of technical security, in particular to prevent attacks on our web server, this data is stored by us for a short time. Based on this data, it is not possible for us to draw any conclusions about individual persons. After six weeks at the latest, the data will be deleted.

Collection of further data

If you contact us by e-mail, we will collect, process and use your personal data solely for the purpose of processing your request.

Cookies, Active components

Our website does not use any cookies. Analysis programs and other techniques for evaluating your usage behavior are not used on our website. We do not use active components such as Java applets or Active X controls as part of our website. Even if you have deactivated JavaScript in your Internet browser, it is possible to use our website without restrictions.

Facebook / Instagram / Youtube< / h3>

We have integrated a Facebook-, an Instagram- and a Youtube-button on our site, where you can access our pages there. Loading this web page does not lead to a connection to Facebook / Instagram / Youtube. Only when you click the button you will be redirected to Facebook/Instagram/Youtube. As explained above under 'Data Collection and Logging', data is then transferred to Facebook/Instagram/Youtube. However, this only takes place between your browser and the Facebook/Instagram/Youtube server, so that we have no knowledge of it.

We point out that Facebook/Instagram/Youtube collect, process and possibly pass on further data if you access pages there or view, click or write anything. Please inform yourself, in the case of Facebook at, in the case of Instagram under the and Youtube We have no influence on this. If you have concerns, do not use Facebook/Instagram/Youtube. No more data is transmitted to us from all your activities on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube than in any case are publicly visible to every Facebook/Instagram/Youtube user. In addition, we only receive anonymized statistics on the overall use of the pages.

Secure data transmission

As transport encryption we offer HTTPS with encryption protocol TLS 1.2 for our website. The certificate is supported by all modern browsers. We recommend that you keep your Internet browser up-to-date, so that a secure transmission of your data on the transport route is ensured.

Technical implementation

The web server for the operation of our website is exclusively under our control.

Our website was created independently with the help of our own tool (Magic WebValet) and without the integration of third-party content.

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