Mosel Textile Arts
2. Mosel Textile Art,
14./15. September 2019

During the 14th and 15th September 2019 textile artists came together in the vineyard/garden “Im Lehlinger” to work on their projects and get inspired under the theme of “Mosel Textile Art”, textile art at the mosel. After 2018, this was already the second time. This event is set to happen yearly to firmly establish textile art at the mosel.

As artist, this year we had Sigrid Schmidt from the Allgäu, Inguna Miluna from Luxembourg, Dominique Breidenstein from Trier and Aiga Praulina from Nittel. The special atmosphere and the wonderful view on the Moselle valley spread its effect. The artist found their favourite individual spot and began their work on Saturday. Importance was not set on the result but rather in the prozess and the exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences.

For the exhibition on Sunday, the artists had brought a selection of their works. Even from the distance, the big textile works could be seen that were on display on the vineyard walls, radiating in vibrant colours.

The exhibition was opened by local representative Lotta Oittinen that carried the greetings of the local community. Culture and wine ambassador Johannes Orzechowski subsequently welcomed the guests and artists as organiser of the event with a glass of Elbling.

The artists were available for conversation and elucidated the ideas and techniques of their works to the guests.

Besides the visit of the exhibition, the guests had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative project. This had already been started in the previous year and will be finished in the coming years. Some visitors found long forgotten talents or explored new allies and found a lot of fun in stitching.

The visitors also had the chance to learn something new. Sigrid Schmidt was teaching how to print fabrics. Suitable to the location, she used wine leaves from the surrounding. Using her technique, she was able to not only capture the outlines but also the texture of the leaf.

As reinforcement, homemade cake, hot coffee as well as refreshing herbal lemonade were offered.

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