Mosel Textile Arts
1. Mosel Textile Art,
13. / 16. September 2018

To get inspired by the vineyard, three artist from Trier, Leipzig and Riga (Latvia) made it to Nittel as part of “Leuchtpunkt Nitteler Fels” to work on their projects. Here she met with their artistic friend from Nittel.

On Thursday 13th September they met for the first time. The organiser, culture and wine ambassador Johannes Orzechowski welcomed them and introduced them to the specialties of the region.

Artistic work and exhibition

Friday and Saturday were filled with artistic work. The exhibition was opened on Sunday at 11 am in the sunshine in the vineyards around the "Nitteler Fels" with a sparkling wine reception. Until 17pm the newly created works of the artist were on display. Further works, that the artists had brought with them, were shown also and some could even be purchased.

Participation and learning

During the exhibition the artists presented their techniques. Additionally, everyone interested could participate in a collaborative project. Everyone could take part and introduce their own ideas. Physical wellbeing was furthered through the sale of wine as well as coffee and cake.

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