Mosel Textile Arts
4. Mosel Textile Art,
18. / 19. September 2021
Review of the 4th "Mosel Textile Arts" 2021

After the very unfavorable weather the year before, we were luckier this time. The textile artists were able to work outdoors and the exhibition could also take place as planned. Of course, working outdoors carries a big risk, because you are very dependent on the weather. On the other hand, the special atmosphere in this former vineyard is incomparable. The view sweeps into the valley over the gleaming Moselle and the vineyards standing in full green. In the garden itself, there is a scent of Mediterranean herbs at all corners, the high rock wall in the background gives security while you lose yourself with your thoughts in the diverse greenery, watching the butterflies and wild bees swinging from flower to flower collecting nectar. In harmony with nature, a very special creativity easily arises. In a very short time, fascinating art objects are created, which are later exhibited at the place of their creation, again embedded in nature, in thousands of shades of green colors.

All Saturday the artists were busy at work, were inspired by the special atmosphere. Everyone had found their personal favorite place. By the way, a film was created in which the artists (in the picture from the left: Inguna, Dominique, Aiga, Theresia and Ieva) talk about their approach to creative work and the artistic "flow". (Link leads to Youtube)

During a "masterclass" on Sunday morning, registered visitors had the opportunity, guided by the experienced artists, to get to know interesting techniques of textile art.

On Sunday afternoon, all citizens were invited to visit the exhibition. The artists had artfully draped old and new works in the garden, hung them on the vineyard walls, placed them on the rocks or installed them directly in the "green".

The exhibition was opened with a glass of sparkling wine, which stimulated the senses and expanded the mind.

Under the pavilion, a little protected from the sun, there was an opportunity to work on a joint project that was already started at the 1st MTA 2018.

Artists (and artists) who are interested in participating themselves next year, please apply to our artistic director Aiga Praulina by email

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