Mosel Textile Arts
6. Mosel Textile Arts,
17. September 2023

The "6th Mosel Textile Arts", Textile Art on the Moselle, took place on Sunday 17 September 2023 in our rock garden in Nittel. Under the theme "Abstract Moselle", artists were invited to present their visions and interpretations interpretations of the Moselle landscape.

With a panoramic view over the picturesque Moselle valley, the rock garden offers an the Moselle valley, the rock garden offers an atmosphere that is creativity and promises great results. Here the artists worked intensively on their works on Sunday mornings.

In the afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m., the exhibition in the rock garden was was open to the interested public. Accessible to all, this day offered this day offered the rare opportunity to look over the artists' shoulders and learn more about their creative journey. The works themselves are a reflection of the individual perspectives and artistic expressions inspired by the rich environment of the Moselle. Moselle, and so they were presented right there in the open air. presented in the great outdoors.

A joint work was already started at the 1st Mosel Textile Arts in 2018. joint work was started. Year after year, this work of art was continued and expanded, and this time too, visitors were able to visitors were once again able to work on it.

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